Bees and things

John and I went to a great Halloween party at Matt’s last night – they really went all out on food and decorations, and people’s costumes were wonderful. We went as a work pun – when visa applicants are refused because we think they are intending immigrants, we refuse them under section 214(b) of the law…so John had 14 bees on his shirt and I had 14 bees on my shirt…together we were two 14 bees (get it?). Anyway, it was a big hit among our consular friends and made us giggle.

Click here to see more photos from the party.

We’ve done several things with TDYers this week. Last Sunday we took a woman from Monterrey to lunch, then later in the day, we picked up another TDYer from the El Paso airport. Also throughout the week, we’ve tried to help out with carpooling them to different events.

We had a professional development get-together Thursday night with the Congressional staffer from the El Paso district that was very interesting. He immigrated through the Juarez Consulate when he was 14 years old. Then on Saturday, John and I went to a local El Paso high school to give presentations to parents and answer questions about the visa process Рthey were having a Family Summit day.

The weather here is starting to cool off – mornings have been as cold as 40 degrees and we’ve even turned the heat on! I’m in denial that we are going to have a winter here…

We’ve managed to catch a few episodes of “The Wire” this week, too – love it!


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