Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas morning mimosas

This has been a good holiday week. We’ve kept busy with parties and work – last Sunday after the coffee roasting, we went to a chili supper at Joe and Julie’s house.

Festivities continued Monday after work when we went to a fun happy hour at Peter and Lizanne’s house.

We worked half a day on Tuesday, Christmas Eve. My cat buddy Jeff and I visited all of the cat feeding stations to be sure they were full before leaving for the day. Jeff is a retired Seebee on TDY to Islamabad and has been a godsend with this cat project. He built all six of our fancy feeding stations in his spare time – without the stations, we really would not be as far along in this project as we are.

Christmas Day we went to a very nice brunch at Nina’s house, then on to Carolyn and Konstantin’s for Chinese food. Lots of folks at both parties, as well as good food and conversation. That evening, we curled up in our recliners and watched “Love Actually” – our favorite Christmas movie.

Thursday and Friday were regular work days. John and I went to “staff meeting” Friday afternoon with the IT gang (aka happy hour). Afterwards he treated me to a nice steak dinner out.

During the day Friday, I got an emergency cat call – one of our favorite kittens was drooling and obviously in distress. A friend and I scooped him up and ran him to the vet. He has some sort of gum infection that the vet is treating. Sounds like he’ll be fine, but the vet is still keeping him. Saturday, Mike, Jeff and I caught the black mama cat and ran her to the vet to be spayed. I think we’re up to nine cats who have been spayed or neutered on the compound! The cats are using their feeding stations and the Embassy is no longer getting complaints about them. The ones who have been spayed/neutered appear to be thriving – fat with good winter coats. Distressingly, two favorite kittens disappeared – brother and sister orange tabbies named Monet and Van Gogh (the little girl had only one ear!) – we hope someone has adopted them, but we’re not sure. There are also mongoose on the compound, so they may have been eaten – I hope not!

I received a great email this morning from one of the Marines at the Embassy who told me they have set up a cat house for some of the cats to sleep in near the Marine House. They were all worried because the sick kitten didn’t come “home” Friday night. She was happy to learn he was at the vet – the Marines are chipping in for the vet care, too. She went on to say how much they all enjoyed having the cats around, that it was a big morale booster for them while they are so far from home.

I saw this link for great photos of 2013 – there are some neat shots in it. Click here to see them.

Happy birthday to Miss Pamela on the 28th! Hope it was a good one!




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