Christmas like I like it

Ahhh. A nice day spent with John with a good breakfast followed by mango mimosas and several episodes of “The Wire.” Doesn’t get much better than that!

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun, too. We left work around 2 PM and had about 15 people over to the house for drinks and snacks. The last folks left around 8 PM – we had a really good time.

The rest of our four-day weekend has been great. I stayed home on Friday while John had a quasi business meeting with an old friend from Mexico City who happened to be in town.

Saturday, we drove to Las Cruces to go to the farmers market and used bookstore. It was cold! We drove home the back way and had a wonderful lunch at Chope’s, a little dive between El Paso and Las Cruces.

The work week was slow, which was nice for a change. John was visiting his friend Russ in Dallas last weekend, and flew home Monday afternoon. During the day, I helped a newly-arrived ELO get settled in Juarez (his social sponsor had a family emergency and asked if I could help out).

We are also happy to report that it looks like we have a new housekeeper, too, so life is good. Her dad is a long-time employee at the Consulate, and she’s working out well so far.

We’ve watched several movies this week. While John was gone, I watched “No Reservations” and “Blame it on Rio” – both very silly. John and I watched “Hancock” and “The Dark Knight.” (Pass on “Hancock” – thumbs up for “The Dark Knight.”) And I can’t wait to start Season 3 of “The Wire”!

I finished reading Ruth Riechl’s Garlic and Sapphires,” that my manager loaned to me. It makes me want to re-read her “Tender at the Bone.” She was the food critic for the NY Times during the ’90s and is now the editor at Gourmet magazine – “Garlic and Sapphires” focused on her tenure at the Times. “Tender at the Bone” was more about her life growing up with a mentally-ill mother who used to serve spoiled food to guests – very good book.

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