Lots going on

Club waiters

Club waiters

Transfer season is definitely here and it seems there’s some type of going away party almost daily. It’s fun but sad at the same time, since we don’t know when we will see some of these folks again. This week, one of the top performers in my group left so we had a goodbye lunch for her on Tuesday and afternoon ice cream on her last day. She’ll be missed, but the other officers are very good and stepping up to the challenge of increased visa demand for summer travel.

We attended an early birthday/going away party for our friend Victoria this week, too. I like how she is celebrating early, because she knows many of her good friends will be gone later this summer when her birthday rolls around. It was a fun evening!

We’re also wrapping up the school year at the International School. I went to the last finance committee meeting on Tuesday night. I’ve really enjoyed the people on the Board – it’s really been a pleasure.

And on Wednesday night after my photography class, we went to the DCM’s house for a reception for visiting colleagues from Washington. Another beautiful evening outside.

We wrapped up the week with happy hour on the patio with Brad, Elmira, and Terry – a nice end to a busy work week.

Unfortunately, our plans for the weekend got cancelled thanks to middle-of-the-night bomb blasts in two market areas in Islamabad – one in F6 where I frequent. I’m not sure why someone would blow themselves up in the middle of the night when there is no one around (or otherwise, for that matter) but at least there was only one injured guard and not hundreds of shoppers. That resulted in a swift lockdown on Saturday morning and rounds of phone calls to all staff to be sure everyone was tucked in at home. John and I made the best of the day and started the last season of “Homeland” and ordered pizza. We’ll see how the weekend shakes out security-wise. We were sad to have to cancel a coffee roasting demo and brunch at our house this morning.

The photo above are the waiters at the Club during the recent awards ceremony. We eat at the Club daily – they are all really sweet and give us good service. Nice guys. I picked up one of them the other day coming to work early on a Saturday morning. He rides a bus to town every day from his village, then walks the last two miles to work – and he’s not alone in this routine. Most folks here do not have cars – the lucky ones have a motor scooter or very old bike.

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