50.5 with Christy's chocolate fudge cake!

50.5 with Christy’s chocolate fudge cake!

Last fall when we tried to celebrate John’s 50th birthday, we had to cancel the party due to a security lockdown. So, we decided to celebrate 50.5 with a dinner re-do. We had 11 guests; Christy made an out-of-this-world cake and Julia made homemade chocolate chip ice cream. We topped off the night with Brad’s wicked Czech liquor and called it a night around 11PM. Fun!
The other highlight of the week was last Sunday evening when I went to commencement for the International School. I’ve had a fun and busy year on the Board of Directors and enjoyed seeing it culminate with graduation. There were 12 graduates and they were just as cute as could be. The DCM gave the commencement address. Here are some photos with some of my favorite Board members.

With Romana - so pretty and elegant!

With Romana – so pretty and elegant!

With Jaunice and Rose, superintendent - wonderful ladies!

With Jaunice and Rose, superintendent – wonderful ladies!

With Tariq, Board president - such a gracious man.

With Tariq, Board president – such a gracious man.
































Monday we had two new officers join my section, so we’ll be busy getting them trained up. That night I went for a massage, and later in the week went for a mani-pedi after work.

Tuesday, Christy, Brad, Sunera, and I went to Tribal Arts to do a little shopping, then swung by a couple of art galleries.

Thursday, we went out for a steak with Joseph and Sunera, and Friday we stopped by a happy hour at work, then to a going-away party for INL. A fun and busy week!

Saturday John and I went to see an acupuncturist, a Chinese doctor who several folks have talked about. He gave me a good massage, then two needles at the base of my neck to try to loosen up my shoulder. So far, so good! The rest of the day I was at the gym, did a little bit of work at my office, took a sick Embassy kitty to the vet, and got ready for the party.

Today I got up early and went in to work. The days are so busy that it’s hard to get anything done that requires concentration. Around 11AM, I went to the Canadian Embassy for a bazaar and did a little shopping and met Brad for lunch at the Club – then back to work for a while longer.

It’s soooo hot – summer really is here.

Here’s a happy shot taken at John’s balloon animal class – happy people!

Balloon class!

Balloon class!

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