Work, sweat, repeat

The heat is back with a vengeance (not really sure it ever left). I worked Saturday adjudicating passports all day (a “super Saturday” to provide passport services to Americans here in Pakistan and reduce our wait time for appointments). Afterwards I walked up to the Club to look at the Saturday vendors the Embassy brings in and thought I would pass out from the heat! I did find a couple of lightweight tops to buy.

Monday we were closed to visa applicants due to the security situation (large demonstrations not directed to Americans). We were at work but no applicants or local staff, so it was pretty quiet and pleasant.

Thursday during lunch, Nomi, Brad, Mike and I took motorpool to the market. I picked up the things I had left to be framed – they did an excellent job on them. Rick and Sarah seemed to really like the photo of their dog that we had framed as a gift to them.

The rest of the week was pretty busy. I had to adjudicate visas several days since I had an employee out sick. Saturday was passport day, and I worked all Sunday afternoon just trying to catch up on visa work. It never stops.

Tuesday night we went to a fun carpet party at Becky’s house and brought home more carpets to choose from. It’s so hard to pick! Friday night was happy hour at the Club, and Saturday night was a going-away at Joseph and Sunera’s – sure will miss them!

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