Single digits

So now we are moving into single digits – only a few more days left in Pakistan. It’s a bit surreal.

The Embassy was closed Tuesday – Friday for Eid holidays. The quiet days in the office were a godsend to me and I’ve gotten a lot of work done – but still a lot to go! I picked up my replacement at the airport in the wee hours of Thursday morning and have spent some time with her doing some cross-training in the last couple of days.

Last Sunday, we went to a great brunch at Carolyn and Konstantin’s house – Konstantin makes a mean biscuit and gravy (that’s high praise especially considering he’s a Yankee)! We, along with our other A-100 classsmates Eric and Diana were the last to leave, enjoying visiting while we can.

Thursday night, we went to Adi and Celia’s house for cocktails with Ron, Pam, Steve, and Dave, then we all went to dinner at Pangia, a nice Asian restaurant. And back to Adi and Celia’s for coffee and a delish trifle for desert. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know all of these folks. John works closely with Adi and Ron, and Celia and Pam have been my photography class buddies – all nice people! Here we are:

Dinner with good friends

Dinner with good friends


Friday evening we went to Keith and Shelly’s house for drinks and a small get-together. We yakked and laughed with Julia for a while – she’s always so fun to talk to. Several good friends were there, and I got some last minute tips from my photog instructor Sully before he and Alexis caught their flight to leave Pakistan; they’ll ultimately end up in Costa Rica for their next tour.

Except for Thursday when I was at the airport, I’ve managed to continue my daily gym routine – I’m really trying to keep that up; the exercise and the routine are even more important now when everything else is crashing down around me! Monica took over spin class for Meghan, thank goodness! We had a killer workout this week.

The exercise paid off yesterday when Ron gave me a very coveted behind-the-scenes tour of the new Embassy building, still under construction! We climbed the stairs to the top of the building for a panoramic view of Islamabad on a beautiful clear day! Thanks, Ron!

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