The taxman cometh

I spent yesterday working on our taxes – it’s amazing how much time it takes just to organize everything to send to the accountant! But, it’s pretty much done and I feel a lot better having crossed that off my list of things to do.

I sent John off to El Paso to see “Watchmen” while I worked on taxes. He met our neighbors Michael and Teresa over there – he and Michael have been anticipating the opening for months now. It’s all lost on me.

We had a delegation of high-level visitors from Washington and the Embasssy in this week to talk about the security situation in Juarez. I guess there has been a lot of press coverage about it lately, so it has started to get more attention. We had a lot of meetings with them to talk about how our lives are affected by the violence.

Speaking of security, I thought our house was being broken into one night this week! I woke up around 3AM to hear this loud banging on wood – I thought someone had gotten through the metal bars and was trying to break the door down. I screamed, then realized it was Flavia. Poor girl, she fell down behind a chest of drawers in the office and couldn’t get out because of the angle.

Thursday night, we took David and Joe to dinner at Los Bichis – they’re the retired FSOs who are down here on TDY. They have a wealth of knowledge and stories, and they’re just really nice guys.

John and I celebrated the end of a hard work week by having a nice dinner out at Corralito’s on Friday. Last night, we went to our friends Beth and Tom’s for a fun dinner.

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