Happy 90th

Birthday Princess (she'll kill me when she sees I've posted this)

Birthday Princess (she’ll kill me when she sees I’ve posted this)

The days have really blurred together by now (we’re moving into week five of the hospital), but there were some highlights.

The big news is that Mom turned 90 on Friday (the 13th). The nurses sang happy birthday to her at lunch, then around 4:00 we had cake and several friends and family dropped by – we had seven or eight people in the room, which made her happy. She also received flowers from several people, plus got cards in the mail, emails, and phone calls.

She had been being more alert earlier in the week, but Friday and yesterday she was pretty pooped – then she ends up sleeping in the daytime (which interferes with therapy) and being awake and restless at night. In an attempt to keep her awake yesterday afternoon after therapy, I wheeled her outside to look at the pansies and get some sunshine (the high was near 70, although we’re expecting ice tonight). We stopped in the gift shop where the manager, a friend of hers from her volunteering days, tied a heart balloon on her wheelchair for Valentine’s Day, then we swung by the cafeteria where some of the workers came over to tell her hi (also from her volunteer days). We ended with about 10 minutes of birdwatching out the window near some trees. She really seemed to enjoy getting out.

The other big news is that John returned yesterday in the late afternoon and I am soooo glad to see him. He’ll be here all this week.

We’re supposed to move Mom home on Wednesday. If all goes well, she’ll have 24/7 care here at home, plus other support services. I’ll know more this week and will keep you posted. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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