How can it be June already?



I’m amazed at how quickly the spring came and went, and we’re already in June. The locals have been complaining about the heat, but the hottest I’ve seen it get according to my car is 88 degrees – but it tells you how lovely the weather is!

I was under the weather this week due to allergies. I think I’m almost back to normal now, but I laid pretty low all week and didn’t do much after work. We watched a lot of TV – we’re caught up on “Broadchurch” and started watching “Wayward Pines” and “Veep.” Friday night while John was at a work reception, I watched “The Paper Chase,” an oldie but goodie. (I love Amazon Prime!)

Yesterday the ACS team worked in an effort to get caught up – we’re really seeing a rise in passport demand due to summer travel, and we don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. It was a very productive day – it’s amazing what you can accomplish when the phones aren’t ringing and you don’t have customers to serve.

Afterward, I got adventurous and went to the flower market, a place I’ve been wanting to go. I bought a lovely bunch of bromeliads that remind me of Costa Rica. I loved wandering through the stalls and seeing all the lovely arrangements.

On a down note, one of the local staff from Juarez is hospitalized here in Guadalajara with a pretty serious condition. John gave blood for her (they wouldn’t take mine since I’m on allergy meds this week), and a couple of other folks from the Consulate did as well. I took some flowers to her yesterday (a lovely arrangement of roses) but she’s still in intensive care, so I couldn’t see her. I did get to meet and talk to her husband; he says she’s doing well and hopes to be able to have visitors soon. She’s a real sweetie and is very much in our thoughts right now.

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