Loving rainy season

Guadalajara campaign against drunk driving - cute!

Guadalajara campaign against drunk driving – cute!

John and I really are loving the rainy season here. Rains are off and on, unpredictable, but I find them so pleasant. And the temperatures are great, usually in high 70s or low 80s. John said I slept right through a raging storm night before last and again this morning. We’re especially enjoying the cool temperatures on the balcony when we have our coffee on the weekend.

Last Sunday morning we took our friend Sarah for breakfast at the Oaxacan place – we had fun catching up with her. We originally met her when she TDY’d in Ciudad Juarez during our first tour.

We had a small book club meeting at our house Monday night which was pleasant, and on Thursday we showed our new next-door neighbor his new apartment (he just arrived at Post).

John was the duty officer until Wednesday morning, so we had plenty of calls from Americans to keep us busy after hours – glad it’s over for now!

Saturday we went fan shopping – they are crazy expensive here for some reason, but we finally tracked down a couple that were affordable. During that outing, John took me to his favorite fish taco place – it was so fun and the tacos were delish. We also walked around the Sta. Teresita neighborhood for a while – it’s a small neighborhood downtown with a thriving commerce district – very old fashioned with a market. Pomegranates are now in season and I bought a cup of seeds for a dollar – they were sweet and delicious!

We received sad news that my friend Pamela’s dad passed away on Monday – he was 94. She was such a comfort to me just a few weeks ago when Mom died; I hate that she is going through this now. I heard that his memorial service yesterday was very nice. Rest in peace, Jack.

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