Happy Thanksgiving!

With Cathy

With Cathy

This Thanksgiving was especially fun because our good friend Cathy came to visit us! She arrived on Tuesday afternoon and we’ve been talking non-stop since then.

On Thursday, we headed to Ajijic and had Thanksgiving lunch at a little place out there. We walked around a bit and poked our heads in a few of the shops, then came back to Guadalajara. We had a piece of pie, then taught Cathy how to play Settlers of Catan (she beat us!).

Saturday she and I went to Tonala to do some power-shopping. It’s a crazy place with not a lot of tourists, but a lot of the crafts you find in nice stores in Guadalajara are made there, so the prices are a lot lower. We had a lot of fun.

Yesterday Cathy, John, and I drove to Tequila. She and I toured the Herradura distillery and really enjoyed it. It’s on the grounds of the family’s original hacienda; there are a few small casitas where families of workers have lived for generations. My favorite part was in the old distillery that they used in the late 1800s – very neat!

On the way back to town we stopped at our favorite Argentinian steak restaurant for a nice meal, then came home and played Settlers.

I’ve really enjoyed having a friend here for the week – lots of fun!

A couple of photos from the Herradura tour:

Herradura 3

Herradura 2

Herradura 1

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