Why hello, 2016

John and I love watching the hummingbirds on our balcony, and always wish that we had more types of birds come visit us, so we’re really happy that a Scott’s Oriole has decided to stop by to visit!

The hummers...

The hummers…

...and a guest

…and a guest




















John and I will be bidding on our 2017 post this summer and we’re already starting to look at what might be available – it’s fun! It’s sparked a lot of discussions about what should drive our bidding process (lifestyle? the kind of work we want? weather?) and we daydream a lot! It’s fun to think about next moves, but it’s a bit scary, too!

Thanks to a great suggestion by my friend Pamela, we watched an excellent series called “The Honorable Woman” – we really enjoyed it.

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