Happy birthday to me


I had a great birthday on Friday. Sweet Martha and Ali Petit decorated my cubie with balloons, and my NIV manager baked me a surprise cake. I got lots of great emails and hugs, and to top it off, John took me out for a steak dinner. It was one of my favorite birthdays in a long time!

We were off work last Monday for swine flu and Tuesday was a holiday. I kept busy on Monday getting a new officer and his toddler across the border and settled in their new home. On Tuesday, he and I went back across the border to get him stocked up on supplies.

John and finished watching “The Wire” series – it was so good that I’m sad we finished it!

On Wednesday, I started my new rotation in American Citizen Services (ACS). I love it so far. For starters, I have a nice big cubie with a window. Right now, I’m just learning to adjudicate passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad for Americans who have children in Mexico. So far the workload is fairly light and it’s nice to have a bit of time to work on other projects, too. Lots to learn.

Yesterday we pretty much lazed about the house. The heat is coming backĀ – already up in the high 90s – and John has re-started his efforts on the yard.

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