Taxes and EERs

Both taxes and our employee evaluations (EERs) are due on April 15th, and John and I both are in good shape on both counts. Getting the EERs written is a slog, and we’re happy to have the worst of it behind us!

I think I mentioned that John was accepted to the distance learning two-year War College program a few weeks ago. He’s already getting materials for the class, so he’s starting to get excited! It will be a lot of work, but worth it!

This was a fairly routine week. I’ve been good about going to the gym before work although some mornings it sure is hard to get out of bed! I’m also trying to take a walk after lunch, too, so I can get my Fitbit steps in for the day. I went to the guards’ English class as usual on Wednesday night – we learned to tell time, so it’s fun to quiz them as I come in and out of the compound the rest of the week.

Esther sent me a couple of photos taken at the baptism last week, so I’ll share those, as well. (Um, someone asked John if we had adopted a baby, haha!)





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