Heading home


With James and David

After a great week in DC, I’m en route to Juarez via Hot Springs – and boy, is it hot and humid here!

My favorite cousins David and James were both in Hot Springs (David from Diego Garcia, James and Mary Beth from San Antonio), so I was quite happy to be able to see them. David and Alison had a small BBQ at their beautiful lake house, so we spent the afternoon yakking and eating. Later in the evening, we took the boat out for an evening cruise – really lovely. I was also very happy to see David’s old friend Lon, who I hadn’t see in ages. To see the two of them together just cracks me up.

The class in DC was very good – glad I was able to go. One of the more interesting things we did in class was to go to the DC morgue one afternoon, and the best part of that was listening to a grief counselor talk about dealing with families of the deceased. The whole class was about working with American citizens overseas.

Jim, Mary and I had drinks on Tuesday night with our friend/colleague/mentor Dean at Circle Bistro. It was great to see him – he always has good advice and he still has that mischievous smile! We were also happy to have a delicious dinner with our good friend Stephen on Monday night, too!

Wednesday night I was on my own, so I walked over the Key Bridge from the hotel and walked around Georgetown, shopping and sightseeing. I picked up some delicious Indian food and beat the rain to get back to the hotel to enjoy it.

Thursday was my favorite – Harry’s for dinner with Jim and Mary. I had my typical fare: martini, Cesar salad and twin tenderloins. Yum, yum.

So that’s the week – I’ll head out of Hot Springs later this afternoon. I’m anxious to get home to see John and Flavia!


Stephen, Mary and Jim

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