We’re official

Sarah and John

We picked up our diplomatic passports on Friday, so I guess that means we’re official now! We celebrated by having lunch downtown at Old Ebbitt Grill. They have an oyster menu, which I had never seen. We got a sampler dozen, and it really was interesting to taste the differences between them all, based on where they were from.

The rest of the week was pretty fun. Whitney and Ali hosted a happy hour for a few of us going to Juarez on Tuesday. Thursday night was our regular class happy hour at a place in Clarendon. Saturday night was an impromptu BBQ with several classmates up at the grill – it was especially fun because there were some classmates who don’t live at the Oakwood who came, too.

Saturday during the day, John and I went to a protocol class. Who knew I had been doing so many things so wrong for so long?! One of the speakers, Sheila Switzer, was especially interesting and great fun to listen to.

On the cat front, we have apparently weaned Noodle from his Prozac, although he still takes a small dose of Lasix daily for his heart. It’s funny, because without the Prozac, he’s a lot more vocal (more of the Siamese yowl) and he goes through spells where he runs around like a banshee for a few minutes, several times a day. But, so far no litter box problems or apparent anxiety, which is what prompted us to start the Prozac to begin with. Keep your fingers crossed. Flavia continues to come out of her shell, and is becoming a nice little lap-cat. She’s still jumpy, but can now sit by the sliding glass door and see people outside without getting spooked all of the time.

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