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At the 4th of July party with Pam, Sharipova and a guest

Another busy week – I’m ready for a break!

Last Sunday night, we had our good friends Beth and Tom over for a farewell dinner. John smoked a delicious chicken and we had a good visit with them before they left town. We’ll see them again in DC in February, but we’ll sure miss them here in Juarez.

Monday night we hosted book club. I have to admit I didn’t get around to reading the book this month – oops! But it was a good discussion and a good turnout.

Tuesday evening I was ready to relax with a massage – I’m really enjoying getting them again. It makes such a difference, especially after so much computer work all week.

Thursday morning, I went with some other ELOs from the Consulate to a local TV station for a “Cooking with the Consul” segment on their morning show. We were supposed to cook things that are traditionally American food – I took the easy route and made root beer floats, which were a big hit. It was a fun diversion from a typical work day.

Thursday night, we had our 4th of July party on the Consulate grounds. It was a lot of fun, and the weather turned off somewhat cool, which made for a nice outdoor party. I spent a lot of time talking with some of the folks from the TV station – they are young and funny.

We were off work yesterday for the 4th. John and I took Kerry with us to Las Cruces. We went the back roads so John could show us where he rides his bike on the weekends – really pretty, and man, he’s going a long way! Last weekend, he went 39 miles! Then we went to the bookstore – while John and Kerry were shopping for books, I walked over to a bakery that I’ve seen before but never have visited. I bought a yummy loaf of rosemary ciabatta bread. We stopped at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on the way out of town where we had some of the best cheese dip I’ve ever had.

Last night we watched a good movie that my friend Jim recommended, “The Beautiful Country.” Very good.

John went off to ride this morning and I’m getting ready to leave for a couple of days for a combination of observing Mexican elections tomorrow and visiting prisoners down around Chihuahua City. More on that next week!

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