The birds and bees

Bees have invaded our hummingbird feeders and we are not amused! I’m not quite sure what to do about it, and for the time being have taken down the two affected feeders. When they take over a feeder, they also run off the birds – grrr! Hopefully they will move on soon.

We had a nice afternoon with our downstairs neighbors yesterday. They had us down for lunch and games as a thank you to John – he had to run Mike to the ER earlier in the week when Mike got a nasty cut on his hand.

Aside from the bees, I’ve been battling Microsoft. Evidently some files got corrupted, so I’ve spent several evenings on the phone with their techs who are trying to fix the problems.

I’ve also been watching several good shows on TV – “Band of Brothers,” “Olive Kitteridge,” and “The Night of” – plus we watched a very quirky movie called “The Lobster.”

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