Taking it slow

I’m pretty much recovered from my cold, but still moving slowly. Every day is a little better! It’s especially aggravating to see my Fitbit steps go down to nothing – argh!

Yesterday John and I went to the office to work – he worked all day because we’re moving into his busy season for procurement as our fiscal year comes to a close next month. I just went in for a couple of hours in the morning to write a letter of recommendation for a co-worker and get some other administrative stuff done.

Afterward, I drove out to Tonala and poked around some of the stores there. It’s historically a artisan town – yesterday I went to several of their stores for blown glass. I had a good time, and brought home a torta ahogada to eat – a “drowned sandwich” that Guadalajara is famous for. It’s basically a mini-baguette stuff with pork, then “drowned” in a spicy tomato sauce. Messy to eat, but good!

I had a discussion this week with my mothership (Consular Affairs) about my onward assignment – bidding opens next month. John and I have made the decision to come back to DC for a tour – it will be nice to be closer to home for a while. I’ve got my eye on some interesting jobs, so wish me luck!

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