Bidding season officially opened this past Monday, and I’ve been consumed by thinking about it. I keep looking at the list, watching the bid count on the jobs I want go up (meaning my competition increases), re-reading job descriptions, contacting people in DC who can lobby for me – it’s nerve-wracking! I went to the office yesterday to send information to the folks in staffing in Consular Affairs to rank order my five bids, and I used the quiet time to go through each position and write up why I want that particular job and what I can bring to the table on it. It was time that I needed just to focus. Next week I have my first telephone interview, so wish me luck!

John, of course, is also bidding. It’s more difficult for him at the moment since he’s on a TDY in Suriname and is spending most of his time at the new embassy building and getting the move going. But, they successfully moved into the new space last week and hopefully he’ll have some time to concentrate on bidding, too.

The easy part is that we know we want to go back to DC. We love being out in the field, but common wisdom is that you really need to go to DC for career purposes – so off we go! As much as I have resisted going back to the U.S., I know it’s the right thing to do and I am excited at the thought of being in such a lovely city and being closer to friends and family.

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