Short week

We were off work last Monday, so this was kind of a short week – but still pretty busy.

Tuesday night was a great massage – I’m really getting spoiled. Wednesday night, we had a new officer over for dinner and had a┬ánice visit with her. John grilled up some arrachera steak and we had lots of good veggies.

Thursday night, we stayed late at work for an interesting professional development event with two men from Border Patrol. They have some pretty good stories, as you might imagine! After that, my friend Cathy called from Nuevo Laredo and we got caught up on all of our gossip.

Friday I had a lot going on at work. I took notes for the Mission Mexico consular managers’ telephone conference. After that, we had a consular brown bag meeting over lunch. And the day was sprinkled with odd passport cases along the way!

I worked Saturday morning, trying to get caught up on some stuff while John was out cycling in New Mexico. Last night, we went to our neighbors’ 1980s party – lots of fun. John pulled together a totally preppy look – all I had that was 80-ish were my original pair of Birkenstocks, which I proudly wore (they have been re-soled once and still are great!).

We were happy to get to talk to cousin Dail on his birthday yesterday – can’t wait for home leave so we can spend some quality time with our favorite people!

We started watching a movie with Kristin Scott Thomas called “I’ve Loved You for so Long” – so far, it’s really good. Hopefully we can finish it this afternoon.

Here’s a photo from the TV show we did a couple of weeks ago.

TV Show

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