The New Mattress Saga

The fun and games of being out of the office for two weeks is over! Back to work – this is a busy time for us in passports since folks want to travel for the holidays. The office did take a pause for a local staff appreciation lunch one afternoon this week. John represented the Crippens and I stayed in the office to handle emergencies.

We hosted book club Thursday night. I didn’t read the book, but the discussion was interesting all the same!

Yesterday we went to a friend’s house for a lovely lunch. They live in a beautiful house with a library! John was in heaven. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

John and I have been wanting a new mattress for our king-sized bed for a while now, but king mattresses are different dimensions in Mexico. We ordered a “mattress in a box” from a company in the U.S., and had it delivered to Mike and Wayne’s house while we were in San Antonio. We cavalierly thought we could check it on the plane with us to take it home, but it was too big/heavy (in a box about the size of golf clubs). So – embarrassed – we had to have Mike and Wayne run to the airport last Sunday to retrieve it! They took it to UPS the next day and shipped it to us, and lo and behold, it arrived at our apartment on Friday! We are thrilled to have a new mattress and put an end to the quest for better sleep! Click the links below to see it expand – pretty cool!

Unpacking Video
Trying it out!

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