Almost Christmas, but still sunny here!

With Monica and Jon

With Monica and Jon

I’ve been helping teach an English class for our Consulate guards for over a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed it. They’re a great group of folks. The size of the group varies – their work schedules change and things happen, so they can’t always make it to class, but we have a core group who come when they can. One hour a week isn’t enough to get them fluent in English, but it does give them some exposure, and some of them really try to study on their own time, too. I’ve really grown fond of them, so I particularly enjoyed their posada at the Consulate on Friday. The photo here is of one of the guards who really dressed up (obviously another party after ours!), along with one of our officers. Monica was the lucky winner of a ginormous bottle of tequila!

I believe I read that in a new bill passed by Congress, we’ll no longer have to hire the lowest bidder for local guard force, which is a good thing. Our guards here make about $5 per day – I’m not sure how anyone supports a family on that, but it’s minimum wage in Mexico.

I spent yesterday shopping in Tonala and Tlaquepaque – I meant to just run a quick errand in Tonala, but somehow I didn’t get home until about six hours later – and with a lot less money! I have to admit, the weak peso makes shopping really tempting these days!

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