Short week

We had a short week due to MLK birthday, but we packed a lot into it. For starters, I worked last Saturday and Monday, just trying to dig myself out of the hole of being gone for two weeks. On Sunday morning, though, we loaded up the bikes and enjoyed the Via Recreativa and GDL’S excellent weather. Afterward we went to our favorite place for breakfast.

Tuesday at work we had a little party to celebrate the return of one of our local staff who volunteered to work at the embassy in Afghanistan for a few months. He had a great time, but also recounted a few dangerous moments when missiles were launched toward the compound. We’re glad he’s home safe and sound. We have several friends still there – stay safe, y’all!

John took me out for a very good dinner at our favorite restaurant on Friday night, then Saturday my team was back in the office for a “Super Saturday,” an extra work day where we saw about 35 families – just trying to get our wait time for appointments down a little.

I was saddened to hear my Aunt Louise passed away this week. I spent a lot of time at her and Chesley’s house growing up. She was the one who always sewed my uniforms for pep squad or choir. Lord knows she put up with a lot from me and my cousins! She and Mom were very good friends and, as night owls, they had lots of late night phone calls. She had been ill for several years now and I hope she is at peace.

Today I’m en route to Nuevo Laredo to TDY for a couple of weeks – I’ve never been there before, so it’s a little adventure!

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