We made a quick trip to Northwest Arkansas this weekend to visit with my in-laws Pete and Ginger – Pete has a birthday coming up this week and we wanted to see how they had settled in to their new apartment at Butterfield Trail Village.

We were very impressed with the place. John had seen it last year (before they moved in), but I had not. It’s lovely, with lots of amenities – gyms, bikes, nice dining room, community garden, wood shop, and lots of activities. We stayed on the compound in a guest apartment that was very nice as well.

It was a very quick trip – in on Friday and out early Sunday morning. I had asked John to buy travel insurance and rent an SUV in preparation for bad weather or snow, but the weather was sunny and warm – more like being in Mexico! We spent Saturday afternoon at Philip’s house and ate delicious smoked ribs – and had time for a game of Catan with the kids.

I was saddened to hear that my younger cousin Ryan passed away this week. His mother Louise just died a couple of weeks ago. He had been ill, but his passing came as a surprise. Donna and her sisters have had a rough couple of years and my heart goes out to them.

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