Light at the end of the tunnel

Mom with Leigh and Lacey, 1984

Mom with Leigh and Lacey, 1984

Spring is pretty much here in GDL, and our countdown to leave has begun. We’re already entering the period of time where we start scrambling to do all the things we’ve been putting off doing. It’s an abrupt shift from, “oh, we’ve got lots of time to do that” to “OMG, when are we going to fit THAT in???” Thoughts are less about daily work than planning for handover to our successor, getting Flavia her shots to return to the U.S., and just the logistics of the move – where will we live, do we sell a car, etc.

But even as all of those thoughts are creeping into our daily conversations, the work goes on. We are extremely busy in my office – we’re now 10 years down the road from the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, when everyone needed a U.S. passport to cross the land border from Mexico into the United States, so people are starting to renew those passports.

This was a pretty good week, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I had a nice phone chat with my good friend Ann last Sunday. John took me out to a new-to-us restaurant Friday after work and we really enjoyed it. It’s a funky little place, with excellent food – the chef is Argentinian and lived 10 years in the Yucatan, so the food is a bit of a fusion. We enjoyed walking back through the stalls of vendors who set up downtown on Friday evenings, as well.

I’ve been working on digitizing all of my old photographs in my spare time, but the question I have is, What do I do with the actual photos? I guess I’ll put them in boxes to keep, just in case. It feels good to at least downsize them from the albums into boxes. The picture above was taken in 1984.

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