We are in the countdown to leaving and are getting pretty excited. Last Sunday we went to David and Suzy’s house for the afternoon and met their baby. We really enjoyed getting to know them, and John especially enjoyed gaming with David.

Yesterday we spent the day with three other older couples and had a lovely time. We went to Janet and Paco’s house for chiles en nogada, a classic stuffed chile with a creamy walnut sauce and topped with pomegranate – the colors of the Mexican flag. Since pomegranate is in season now, now is the time to make them and they are delicious. Their house is lovely, especially Janet’s extensive backyard garden – just beautiful. The day was filled with excellent food and conversation.

I spoke to the incoming medical school class on Monday – one of the universities has a curriculum just for American students, so I gave a short talk about what the Consulate does and basically told them not to get arrested. It was fun to get out of the office.

We went to dinner at La Matera, one of our favorite restaurants here, on Friday after work. I love sitting on their covered porch, especially when it rains because it’s very pleasant. Well, it rained! It was one of the hardest rains I’ve seen here, plus about 15 minutes of hail, too! We had a devil of a time getting home because all the streets were flooded, but eventually we made it!

Here’s a photo of my team at work – we were saying goodbye to a co-worker visiting from the Vallarta office.

ACS team

ACS team

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