Out and about

Busy and fun week, with several fun outings.

Last Sunday, John took me to see “Inglourious Basterds,” which I really, really liked – despite the violence, it was just a lot of fun.

Monday after work we had a professional development event with an immigration attorney – yawn. He was fairly entertaining, but really liked to hear himself talk way too much. He talked a lot about immigration reform, which makes me cringe because I don’t like the direction most of that debate is heading.

Tuesday was massage night at home (yeah!), then Wednesday night we watched Bill Maher’s “Religuous,” which was just great.

Thursday we had book club at our house to discuss “Statecraft” by Dennis Ross. Good book and good discussion.

Friday, the immigrant visa section was busy, so I went down to adjudicate in the afternoon – I hadn’t done it in a while, so I was a bit rusty, but it was fun. After work, we had an employee recreation event to watch a sort of intramural basketball game – fun to relax with a¬†beer in good weather. After that, John and I met Teresa and Michael at Corralito’s to welcome a new couple to post. They were really nice and interesting – they were both in the Peace Corps,then worked for NGOs after that. After dinner, we sat outside at Michael and Teresa’s to catch up on our gossip.

Yesterday, John took a day off from cycling and we went to Las Cruces for our typical farmers’ market, bookstore and Mexican food tour. I bought some great bread at a bakery – very yummy. Then we decided to head up the road to Hatch for their annual chile festival – talk about a lot of people! It was fun, snaking through the long lines of traffic through this tiny town, and seeing all of the incredible chile ristras hanging outside. The smell of roasting chiles was everywhere. We walked around a bit, then came on home. John grilled a couple of steaks and we watched a “Law and Order” on television.

A very good week, all in all!

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