On the go

With Mr. Irshad

With Mr. Irshad

OK, I’m having fun but I’m pooped!

All of our household goods from Mexico were delivered on Monday, so the house is completely topsy-turvy! I think it will all fit eventually, but it’s difficult to go from the very large apartment in Guadalajara to a two-bedroom condo in D.C. – but we’ll make it.

The hardest thing is just finding time to organize the house in between work and catching up with old friends. Last Sunday, we met Kelly and Brian Hight for brunch at Founding Farmers – Kelly was in town for a conference.

Wednesday night we met Richard Silver for dinner in DuPont Circle. He’s retiring from the Foreign Service.

Thursday night we were invited to a nice dinner party hosted by Angel V. We had a really nice time and we’re happy to reconnect with Annie W. and her husband.

We topped off the week by having dinner with Mr. Irshad, the local staff supervisor in Islamabad who was in town for a class. He is just as delightful as ever! We went to a Yemeni restaurant and had so much fun catching up with him.

Then yesterday we drove a couple of hours out of town to rural Virginia to the Becky Thompson’s house – she and John worked together in Islamabad. Several former local staff were there (they received special immigrant visas due to their years of service to the U.S. Government), along with one of my managers from Islamabad. It was a fun day in the country visiting with old friends.

Today I went to the office to try to catch up! Oh, and I met my new boss on Friday. He seems great. He is based in Germany, so this was our first time to actually meet.

Between trying to get the house in order, learning and doing my new job, and seeing old friends, there’s hardly time to sleep…but it’s fun!

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