Movie week

This was a fun week, in part because we had a holiday in the middle of the week – we were off work on Wednesday for Mexican Independence Day. We celebrated the night before with our Mexican neighbors, who had tables set up outside in the green area. They had posole (hominy soup) and zapatas – a concoction of beef leg cartilidge cooked up with spices and stuff. You eat it on a tostado with lettuce, tomato, etc. I gamely ate mine, smiling – then several of the other Mexicans were like “oh, no, I would never eat that!” So much for fitting in.

On the holiday, I had a great lazy day. We watched “The Changeling” (very good) and “Get Smart” (you just have to laugh) and started “The Pianist.” On Monday night, we watched “Taken,” which was totally over the top and fun to watch.

Yesterday I worked in the morning, then lazed around. John and I watched yet another movie, “State of Play,” that was very entertainnig. Last night we went to a party at a co-worker’s house to watch the Texas – Texas Tech football game – lots of fun.

I think all this movie watching is my way of being in denial about moving – I’m ready to move, but am not ready to actually start doing the work of going through closets, etc. No fun!

Just so you don’t think I’m totally worthless, I have been reading a bit. Finished “Infidel,” which I highly recommend. It’s our next book club selection, but unfortunately I’ll miss the discussion. It’s an incredible story.

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