Kennedy Center

The highlight of the week was a fantastic meal at Marcel’s followed by a great performance by Pink Martini and Ari Shapiro at the Kennedy Center. We really had a good time. Marcel’s is very nice, and we enjoyed our pre-theatre dinner – plus they take you to the Kennedy Center. The show was just fantastic – Pink Martini is very eclectic and fun. My spin teach in Islamabad used to play some of their music for our class. Ari Shapiro from NPR (yes, that Ari Shapiro) also sang – he has a beautiful voice. It was a wonderful evening – made even better because it’s close enough for us to walk home!

Last night we met Caroline for dinner – she was one of our managers in Juarez and is in town for a class. It was a lot of fun catching up with her.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. I had coffee with Barb one afternoon, and with one of my managers another day. John and I spent some time deciding where pictures will be hung – we’ve almost got the house in shape!

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