OMG it’s so cold

One morning this week, it was 12 degrees on my walk to work, and the rest of the week wasn’t much better. It felt like daggars hitting your face – ouch!

John and I braved the weather this morning and walked to Georgetown for a 9:30 AM showing of “The Post.” Wow – it was wonderful! And we watch “Dunkirk” tonight – two great movies to end 2017.

We had a wonderful Christmas Day with old friends from Hendrix. We went to Neil and Emma Wilson’s house for the best meal I had in 2017. Neil is a chef (darn the luck!) and he and Emma were the best hosts! Christie – another Hendrix alumni – was there, along with another smart and charming couple, Julia and Richard. Thank you, Neil and Emma!!!

At the Wilsons

At the Wilsons

Christie invited us to a pre-New Year’s Eve party on Saturday night, and we had a lovely time there with her, her dad, and her friends from work and church. Her neighbor was also there, gold star father Mr. Khan, who is an author and attorney – best known for his not-so-friendly back-and-forth with the President. We found him to be smart, humble, polite, and interesting, and it was quite the honor to meet and visit with him.

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. On Tuesday I bundled up and went to the Freer-Sackler Museum on the Mall to see an Egyptian feline exhibit. Afterward, I went to Main State to meet John, Aaron, and Sarah – we went to a delicious Geogian restaurant, Supra, where we had a great meal and enjoyed visiting.

Thursday night we were invited to Juan and Gloria’s house in Virginia. We worked together our first tour in Juarez. They are just delightful, and we really enjoyed catching up with them and seeing their kids all grown up – they were so small when we were in Juarez!

With the Andreus

With the Andreus

Friday night John took me to see “Les Miserables” at the National Theatre – it was an excellent production and we’re still singing songs from it!

This was a great week to close out 2017! Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

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