Hot and cold

D.C. weather is just as crazy as the Arkansas weather I grew up with. Yesterday I went to the office to work for the afternoon – when I walked out of the building at 5:30, it was snowing. This afternoon it’s in the 60s and sunny. Go figure.

This was a stressful week work-wise, just trying to get ready for upcoming trips. I have to juggle passports, visas, and flight schedules and some days things just don’t want to come together! By the end of the week, I was feeling a bit calmer, thank goodness. And there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done!

Otherwise the week was pretty calm and low-key. John took me out for an old school prime rib dinner at a fancy D.C. place – it was our pre-anniversary dinner (since I’m going to be out of the country on our actual anniversary)>

John had a good visit with Pete and Ginger last weekend, and got home Sunday morning. I went out that morning to Arlington to meet my good friend Wendy and her husband, who were in town from Virginia. Good to see her and finally meet her hubby!

I’m off for a two-week trip this afternoon, so wish me luck!

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