Brutal travel week

You would think it wouldn’t take almost 24 hours to get from Washington D.C. to Paraguay but you’d be wrong!  I flew down last Sunday (DC – Miami – Panama City – Asuncion) and flew home on Friday via Peru and Miami.  It really wore me out.  The week was good, though – it’s a nice little office with good folks – and as a bonus, I saw Kathy G. from Guadalajara and Elise T. from Juarez.  We, along with the fun consular chief there, went to Kathy’s house and yakked for a couple of hours Wednesday night.  The rest of the trip was just to/from work – it’s winter there, so it was dark by the time I left the Embassy at 5:30 to catch motorpool home.

Saturday, we gathered up Kristin, Brandon, and Jimmi and drove out to Herndon for a baby shower/party for Jim Jay and Kevin’s new baby at Kevin’s parents’ house.  There were several other A-100 folks there and we had a great time.  Afterward, Jim and Kellee met John and me at Ray’s the Steaks for dinner, then we had dessert on their rooftop afterward.  Such fun!

This morning we walked up to Dupont Circle and met Jimmi and Dave E., our friend from Israel and A-100, at KramerBooks.  It was fun getting caught up with him – we haven’t seen him in years.

With Sarah and Jimmi

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