Halloween in Uruguay


I left last Sunday afternoon for an overnight flight to Montevideo, Uruguay.  Lucky for me, it was Halloween at the embassy on Wednesday, so I got to see the festivities – they really go all out there – all the sections decorated and dressed up, then employees’ children came through for candy.  Lots of fun!

Consular section’s Day of the Dead altar

With Leslie

Consular section theme

I had a fast, but good, trip to the consular section – I was in the office for three days before coming back on the Thursday night overnight flight.  I didn’t get out a lot while I was there – just walked around the neighborhood some, but otherwise stayed in (one night was chilly and rainy).  It’s such a beautiful city.

Lovely Montevideo

My favorite boulevard along the golf course


Sunrise over the river

Yesterday I went to Georgetown to see a morning showing of “A Star is Born” (again), then replenished our oil and vinegar supply at my favorite store (we’ve been using a lot of garlic-infused olive oil for roasting veggies).  It was a crisp, beautiful fall day!


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