Happy Thanksgiving!

With Alfie!

We flew to Fayetteville Tuesday afternoon, spending the night at Phillip and Michele’s. We got to meet Alfie, their cute terrier. He’s such a cuddle and we just fell in love with him!

The next morning we picked up Pete and Ginger and drove to Mount Pleasant, Texas, in the rented Dodge Caravan (what a hoot). It was a pretty drive through eastern Oklahoma and the Ouachita National Forest – we saw some pretty color in the trees although it is waning. We spent the night in Mount Pleasant, then drove over to the Harwell’s house in nearby Pittsburg for the big Thanksgiving celebration – it was the first time in a long time that all of the family got together (although we missed Jeffrey, who’s training tigers in Arizona, and Melissa). Lots of food and fun! Bruce gave me a tour of his gun collection (wow) and I got to play with Bash the dog in the backyard.

With Joseph at Thanksgiving

We spent the night again in Mount Pleasant, and made our way back to Fayetteville on Friday in time for dinner at Butterfield’s dining room with Pete and Ginger.  Saturday morning, I found a great hair salon (Mayapple – love Juliana). We had lunch at Pete and Ginger’s, then we dognapped Alfie and drove out to Devil’s Den for a nice hike. I don’t know who had more fun – us or Alfie!

With Alfie at Devil’s Den

We got up early for our flight back to DC this morning, ready for another week!

Sunrise over the Mississippi on the flight home

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