No rest for the weary


Icelandic mail box

Monday afternoon I was back on a plane, this time a return to Iceland. The weather there was wet and cold, although warmer than DC. When we landed after our 5+ hour flight, we couldn’t disembark due to high winds! They couldn’t bring the jet bridge out, nor would they let us walk down the steps for fear we’d blow away! So we sat on the plane for an incredible 4+ hours until the wind died down enough. The news reported that around a dozen planes were in the same situation; when we finally got off the plane, the airport was a zoo with all the flights backed up.

Church and Christmas decoration

Huge Christmas Cat

I stayed downtown, just a few minutes walk to the embassy. The city was decorated with Christmas lights everywhere, which was nice since it was dark, rainy, and overcast for most of my visit (even on good days they only get a few hours of sun this time of year).  Their “thing” is an evil Christmas cat (pictured above) that eats children unlucky enough to not get any clothing for Christmas.  I was super-happy to return to my favorite restaurant there (twice!) to eat a delicious Arctic char (fish) that they pan fry and drizzle with a honey-butter and slivered almonds. Yum.

My favorite dish!

I flew back on Friday (with much less drama), returning to a dreary, rainy DC.  We went to a couple of parties yesterday, and the fun continues today!

All the Iceland coins have sea creatures! So cute.


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