On the case!

The highlight of this very cold, cold week was yesterday’s outing with Wendy, Nick, Tammy, and Scott, et al for CluedUpp DC.  To solve a murder mystery, your team downloads the app on your phone to see where your virtual witnesses are located…the phone uses the GPS and alerts you when you successfully find them. Once you find them, you read their witness statements and can ask them questions or get a hint. Because the witnesses are all over the mall (and some of them run away and you have to chase them), we got a ton of exercise!

With Wendy and Tammy

Costumes are encouraged, and while ours were pretty low key (except for a group photo with masks), other groups were definitely in the swing of it. After almost three hours of walking all over the Mall, we finally decided we had to stop for lunch and “detective juice,” and we solved the mystery from the comfort of a pub. Big fun – leave it to my friend Tammy to organize us for somethinglike this! Click to see all of my photos.

We finished watching “True Detective” this week; it was fun to see Arkansas landmarks and actors we know. We also enjoyed “The Wife,” with Glenn Close – she is amazing.

I had lunch with an aspiring Foreign Service Officer this week; she tests later this month – good luck!

Nick and Wendy

Finding clues with Wendy and Nick

With Wendy at the Hirshhorn Museum

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