Lovely Asuncion

Lovely Asunción

I always enjoy going to Asuncion, even though it is super-hard to get to. It takes me a good 24 hours to get there, and slightly longer to get back, but it’s worth it. It’s a small but nice embassy, and I love the staff. Plus, I get to see Elise from my Juarez days, and Kathy from Guadalajara! We had our “girls’ night” on Wednesday at Elise’s house, and, of course, Karen the consular chief joins in. It’s just altogether a pleasant trip!

John was back in Fayetteville visiting Pete and Ginger when I got home Saturday morning. I had a nail appointment, then just did laundry…and re-packed for this week’s trip! I had less than 24 hours on the ground but it was worth it to have clean clothes, see Flavia, and sleep in my own bed for a night!

John and I actually passed each other at Reagan National Airport this morning, but we were in different terminals, so we just chatted by phone later in the day.

I’m off again – you’ll see where next Sunday!

Paraguayan clay figure

Paraguayan busses



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