Finally spring

It seems that spring may finally be here, although we had some chilly days earlier this week. While I’ll complain about hot weather soon enough, I’m ready for the cold to go! The tulips around town are gorgeous.

Pennsylvania Ave

I had a nice dinner with Cathy this week – she treated me to a delish steak at Rare. The next night, John and I met Claire’s parents who were visiting from England, along with a few other of Rick and Claire’s friends. They were absolutely delightful and we enjoyed getting to know them.

Love the one red one in the middle

Thursday evening, we took the metro up to Maryland to the Strathmore to see a showing of the movie, “The Triplets of Belleville.” It’s a wonderful animated movie with no dialogue – just music and sound effects. The composer directed an eight-piece ensemble live while the movie played – so fun. The venue is just incredibly beautiful!

The beautiful Stratchmore Music Hall

Yesterday was busy. I took Flavia to the vet to continue getting her ready for our move this summer. In the afternoon, I drove over to a friend’s house to check on him after a nasty fall. I ended up in Falls Church at a great camera store, where I bought a new lens to take to Alaska. John made an excellent Mexican stew for dinner, and we watched “Crazy Rich Asians.”

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