Happy Turkey Day!


Marsha, Brad, Mitch, John and fire extinguishers

The highlight of the week was flying to Dallas and driving two hours or so over to Pittsburg, Texas, to spend Thanksgiving with John’s family. Pete and Ginger met us at the lake house on Wednesday, then all of John’s cousins arrived on Thursday for a day of fun, eating and visiting. It was a great trip. Mitch provided the entertainment by bringing fire extinguishers for us to play with (and learn how to use). It was wonderful to see everyone, especially knowing that we will be in Tel Aviv next Thanksgiving. Click to see more photos.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday nights there, then back to Juarez on Friday. It was so peaceful on the lake. We also had fun renting a Prius to drive to Pittsburg. I enjoyed seeing Angie (Mitch and Laurie’s Boston terrier); we also stopped at their house on the way to the airport Friday and met their other doggies.

Last Sunday, we spent a nice afternoon at TFran and Michael’s, trying out his new discada, sort of like a Mexican version of a wok. Sergio from the office made the pan for him, then came over to fry up some fish in it. Tasty! Click for more discada photos.


Sergio cooking with the discada


John in Mexico City with friends last week

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