Lake life

With John

Every time John and I come to Hot Springs, we’re reminded how much we’d like a place on the lake. Our rental this time was very peaceful with a lovely view of the main channel. The weather has been perfect – we even enjoyed the steady rain on Tuesday and used it as an opportunity to relax and read (I finished “Small Fry,” the autobiography of Steve Jobs’ daughter). Otherwise the weather’s been crisp, cool, and sunny.

Mary and Lynna came down to visit Monday afternoon – we enjoyed visiting on the back deck. We always like being around them. Monday night, Chuck came over and we went out for dinner. I particularly enjoyed listening to him and John talk – they are both so smart and interesting, and share a lot of interests.

Margaritas with Chuck

Thursday John spent the day with Russ again, then they and Russ’s wife Cathie met me for Mexican food.

Ann drove down from Conway on Friday for the afternoon. We had a great time laughing and talking.

…but she won’t!

I loved spending time with David and Alison off and on all week. They had us over for a lovely dinner on the back porch last night – a wonderful way to end the week!

Selfie with David

Goodbye, Lake!

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