Today’s the day!

Chairs waiting to go to storage

The packers and movers descended on us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Tuesday was a long day, with them here until 10 PM. It was a stressful time – the movers were extremely disorganized and the day felt even more chaotic than a normal moving day. John and I just hope that we see our things unbroken on the other side! We also bid farewell to our cars on Friday; mine is going to Liberia and John’s will go into storage since it’s past the 10-year-old limit for import

And away she goes!

We kept Flavia and our suitcases in the otherwise-empty apartment, and are sleeping in a guest room in our building. She’s ready to go – we went to the vet this week to get her paperwork in order. I hate putting her through such a long and stressful travel day, but there’s no way around it.

I went to the office on Thursday to do my check-out and deal with some things for my soon-to-be office, and walked over to Main State to meet with the West Africa team and some others.

We did have some good times this week! John and I went to Aperto’s Thursday night after work so I could have their wonderful seafood stew one last time. I had lunch with my colleague Chris on Friday – we’ve enjoyed working closely together this past year. We laughed with Tammy and Scott over pizza in Georgetown Friday night.

Street selfie in Georgetown with Tammy and Scott

Yesterday morning, my step-brother Chris and his lovely wife Lisa happened to be in DC and met us for coffee – it was great to catch up with them and get to know each other better.

Last night, we had a wonderful farewell dinner with our college friend Neil and his amazing wife Emma – they have been so gracious to us while we’ve been in the area, hosting us for Christmases and Fourth of Julys.

At Ris with Emma and Neil

We’ve really enjoyed living in DC, and especially enjoyed our wonderful Columbia Residences apartment – the staff here have been so nice to us, as well as our wonderful housekeeper Rocio. We’ve been very lucky to have landed here and will be sad to leave it behind – maybe we’ll be back someday!


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