When I haven’t been working, I’ve been busy nesting. The house is coming together, even after a second shipment of household effects Wednesday. It took a lot of muscle and trigonometry to get our ginormous reclining sofa into the study, but by golly, they made it! The last step will be to figure out where the art goes, and then we should be finished!

I especially like the hutch in the kitchen where I have some favorite dishes displayed: the top shelf is Fostoria from John’s grandmother Winnie; next is a tea set from Pakistan, Aunt Jean’s tea pitcher, a casserole from Ann’s mom; lower shelf are some glasses from Guadalajara, antique Fiesta from Winnie, and a fruit bowl/platter from Mom. Lots of good memories!

Kitchen Hutch

I worked for a few hours last Monday even though it was a holiday. The vet came in the afternoon to give Flavie her vaccine shot – she’s an interesting Swede who’s been living here for a long time (I was grateful for the visit – evidently getting to her place is a challenge to find and will be near impossible to get to in rainy season).

I had a nice video chat with Cousin David yesterday – always good to catch up! We also had a good chat with Pete and Ginger last weekend – happy birthday, Pete!


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