A little down time, of sorts

I worked from home Monday and Tuesday, which was very nice. I was able to get caught up on emails from the week before, and wrote two employee evaluations for folks who report to me. Our deadline was extended by two weeks, thank goodness, but with all these flights, it’s hard to get done. I spent yesterday drafting my own.

John and I watched “Twin” this week. We like the actor in it (the red-headed guy in “Game of Thrones”) and the Norwegian scenery is amazing.

I tried to go to the grocery store yesterday afternoon, but the parking lot was packed. Not trusting that Liberians would “socially distance” themselves, I turned around and came home. Liberia is under a state of emergency, and people are only supposed to go out for essential things, but in many places it looks like business as usual until the 3PM curfew – it’s hit or miss. The number of cases has risen here, but still under 200 with around 16 deaths.

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