Crazy storm rolling in

I feel like I’m having the first “real” weekend since I arrived in Monrovia – I hope that feeling continues through today! I left at a decent time on Friday, and stayed home all day yesterday (except for a quick run to the grocery store for a friend in isolation).

Most exciting, I found my SD card reader yesterday after searching high and low for it for weeks. And yes, it was in my camera bag where it should have been – I had just forgotten what it looked like. That enabled me to spend a few hours downloading and editing the photos of the Mamba Point fruit bats I had taken back in March. Click here to see them. I know some people think they are creepy, but I love seeing their little puppy-like faces.

Friday afternoon, I had some organic veggies and fruit delivered (cukes, tomatoes, mangoes, eggplant, and avocados). Last night I made Franke’s Cafeteria eggplant casserole, and it was delish, despite a couple of substitutions.





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