I spend an inordinate amount of time on While some people are addicted to games on the computer, I am equally as bad when it comes to houses. My friend Muffy has joined me in scouring listings in Arkansas (sometimes I venture to Hawaii or Santa Fe) and we’ve talked multiple times over the last couple of weeks as we walk through photographs on-line and critique houses one by one. While John and I are a ways off from retiring, it’s fun to look around!

Last weekend I had my bi-weekly video with Muffy, Ann, and Jackie – Ann took us on a walk through the beautiful (and deserted) Hendrix campus (they are 100% on-line this fall). I also talked to Tammy back in DC (she has me dreaming of retiring in the Caribbean!). I love being able to connect so easily with friends.

Last Monday was the Labor Day holiday (I’m still wearing white, shoot me, it’s hot outside). John and I went to do some grocery shopping, he talked to Stoker, and I read “The Art of War.” (Not pretending I understood it all.)

Friday we observed a moment of silence at the embassy in honor of 9/11. It’s hard to believe it was so long ago. I was doing a modeling gig in North Little Rock when the first plane hit.

Last night, we went to the embassy to watch “Hamilton” with a small group of folks, hosted by the Charge and her husband. It really was fun and clever, and we really enjoyed it. The first act was especially captivating – we had it on the projector with big screen, and subtitles helped me follow the very wordy rapping.

Congratulations to John on a group Superior Honor Award he received via Zoom this week for his work standing up a diversity council for WHA last year (ahead of the curve). We also found out he was on the list to be promoted but the numbers ran out before they got to him on the list – argh. But it’s wonderful news and hopefully bodes well for next year!

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