Merry Christmas!

Reindeer Rolls

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home. My co-worker’s fabulous wife brought us a lovely Christmas dinner, including reindeer rolls! We opened packages from our friends Scott & Tammy and Mary – fun! Tammy always finds the cutest things – an inflatable tiara and tiny tinsel Christmas tree with color wheel! Mary sent lots of food goodies – she’s heard me complain too much about the lack of good food options here. And I got my two favorite things from my mother-in-law: the annual Audabon daytimer calendar and chocolate covered cherries! We had a good phone call with Pete and Ginger, and I had a video chat with Pam, Ann, and Jackie. Earlier in the week, I had a video chat with Mary in Nashville and got to see Ander and little Samantha – life’s good!

Cuz everyone needs a tiara!

(Speaking of Nashville, luckily Mary and Ander’s family weren’t affected – a bomb? Not sure what the world has come to.)

I finished “The Biggest Bluff” this week – a good book about a psychologist who learns to play competitive poker in the name of science (chance and luck vs. psychology). I watched an old classic, “Moonstruck,” and finished “Little Fires Everywhere” – it went a little off a deep end with the story line, but an interesting story nonetheless.

Contented Flavie

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