To work and back

Other than an occasional socially distanced, small gathering, life continues to be going to work and back. The Liberians have no regard for masking or socially distancing, so I’ve even limited outings to the grocery store as much as possible.

I had a good video chat last Sunday with Jamie and Jackie, and a nice visit with David yesterday. John and I have watched some good TV: “Collision” on Masterpiece Theater; “Professor T,” a Nordic crime show with a quirky main character; and the movie “Downhill,” with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. We also watched “Tenet” Friday night, but it was too much of a time traveling, violent “guy movie” for me.

I finished an interesting book, “This is Where You Belong,” by Melody Warnick. She examines “place attachment” and what makes people happy where they are living. I really enjoyed it, especially as retirement is peeking over the horizon.

It’s officially dry season here in Liberia, but yesterday the wind woke us up at 5AM, followed by a long torrential rainstorm – I’m sure the bats on the embassy compound were not happy! The wind did some damage to fences and roofs in the neighborhood- it was really unusual!


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